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Friday, April 24, 2009

Cap and Trade for Health Care

A professor from MIT named John Reilly completed a study on Cap and Trade, and made a mistake. Kieth Olbermann of MSNBC went with the incorrect figures on his TV show and degraded the congressional leaders that are opposed to the Cap and Trade program. Professor Reilly came out of the closet with his new figures and admitted his error. What is the correct cost out of pocket for American households? An estimated cost of $3,928.

In case you've been living under a rock or watching to many reality TV shows (that stuff will rot your brain), Cap and Trade is meant to curb greenhouse gases by charging producers for their pollutants. Sounds great on the surface because...everyone loves clean air. Unfortunately, this plan costs the companies money and they have a bottom line to protect. Companies will pass the cost of Carbon Credits (which are bought from non-polluting companies to offset the pollution) to the consumers which will affect the bottom line of every American.

Proponents of Cap and Trade have floated the idea of giving the money collected from the program to the American people. What better way to get the inattentive American public on your side...give them free money. President Obama and some senators have said publicly they would like to use the revenue ($646 billion) to pay the yearly bills of a national health care system.

Government run health care is not free. It will cost us all something, and if you don't believe me here is an example.

Maybe the young lady in the above link should have brushed and flossed better, however, should she not have access to dental care when she needs it? I bet the boys love her...

The NHS (National Health Service) of the UK does not have enough dentists giving care to patients under the program. This obviously caused a serious problem for the citizens under the plan, and what is a main indicator? The amount of teeth being pulled in children and adults has gone up. By the time they actually get an appointment for their's to late. This is the type of service we can expect out of the government run health care system.

How naive and arrogant is it to think OUR system will turn out better. Health care of Americans beholden to the budget cuts of congress is not the way to the liberal ideal of a utopia.

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